The Idea:

Create a script that will take a VoD or recording of an Among Us stream that will extract meeting screens and parse the names of the players there to find out which streamers have played with each other. I wrote a writeup on medium, and the link is below.


This was an engaging first foray into the world of computer vision and OCR models. I didn’t realize the extent to which image processing played into OCR recognition. Ironically I played into the buzzword belief that one could simply train a model and use the training data itself as a hammer against any perceived nail I could find. Doing as much of the processing before calling in the model seems to be the better option in this case.

Ideally, to take this further I’d investigate a way of downloading the VoDs directly off Twitch. The site offers a way of skipping to a portion of the VoD when the game being played changes, and if there is an API request that exposes that information I could be able to automate the download and the analysis.