The Idea

Create a central place to store and write about all the side projects I have done, and brush up on my HTML/CSS skills as well.


Well this took a lot longer than expected, and the cardinal error probably was thinking that making the site look presentable wouldn't be "that hard". I ate those words later after swapping out the color palette for the third time. Eventually I landed on a tutorial simple enough that even though I have no knowledge on color theory and picking out colors I could cobble together a workable color scheme. I was initially resistant to learn scss to configure my bootstrap because I figured CSS overrides would be a lot easier in the short term, but when you have a side project you might as well go for and try to learn as much as possible. It definitely was a bonus in the end though, doing small changes to bootstrap is effortless after figuring it out.

Jinja was a great help though, although I wonder if having an interitance chain that is 4 templates deep is overkill or not. Definitely when compiling all the pages together every little problem became a nail that the jinja hammer could hit.

Probably the dumbest I ever felt was realizing after awhile that you don't actually need to restart the program for your changes to html/css to be reflected, as they're uploaded every freaking time you revisit the site. D'oh.